Stay Active in Old Age

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. In fact for your health it is crucial you stay active. Here are some tips for you or your loved ones to stay active and fit in old age.

Stay active in old ageMake Activity Part of Your Routine
Build daily habits that encourage exercise. This can range from anywhere from taking stairs instead of elevators to walking a few miles to the grocery store. Pick something that works with your health and activity level, don’t over exert yourself but choose something challenging and achievable. A gym is a good way stay active daily as long as you can make it part of your routine. Here is a guide to some exercises  that are perfect for your daily workout routine, especially as you age. Getting on a schedule to play a sport can be a great way to incorporate physical activity as part of your daily routine. From softball to bowling, even as your age you can be part of a sports team. So whether you get in the habit of playing soccer or walking to the grocery store, as long as you are getting your heart rate up you are doing it! Daily activities are one of the best ways to stay active in old age.

Get a Workout Partner
Science has proved that working out with a friend or group can make your exercise more successful.  This is especially true as you age. Motivation is a massive factor in keeping up your health and activity levels and having a partner hold you accountable will make sure you don’t stay on the couch all day. Whether the partner is your spouse, best fiend, or a group you found at your local senior center, they will help in making sure you stay active, which is critical for your health as you age. Getting a work out partner will not only help you stay active in old age, it is also fun. Instead of staring at a TV while walking the treadmill you can catch up on the latest gossip, talk sports, or share weekend plans; while getting in shape. Having a work out partner makes working out more fun, therefore encouraging you to work out more, it is a win-win!

Making sure you stay active in old age is crucial to staying healthy. There are many things you can do to help this this, including getting a workout partner or choosing to walk to the store or restaurant everyday. The two most important things are to make it part of your daily routine and make it fun. Staying active can be just as important for your brain as it is for your body and exercising (especially when combined with a social activity) is the best way to keep your mind, body, and soul feeling youthful even as you grow in numbers. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean you need to any less active or social, so join a team or a gym, get out there and get going!