Benefits of Making Season Long Football Bets

There are a number of ways in which people like to gamble online. Some will look to play pokies online, others will hit the bingo sites and many more look to place bets on sporting events each week. Today we are going to focus on the latter group and in particular those who like to bet on soccer. Rather than talk about weekly bets however, we are instead going to look at some of the benefits of making season long bets, and how they can increase your chances of success. 

If you are itching for the season to start again, here is how you can invest some time and place bets now, before a ball is kicked. 

What Kind of Bets?

The kind of season-long bets which we like to make are picks such as X team to finish higher than Y team, a certain team to finish in top 10, which team will win domestic cups and which teams will get relegated. These are just some examples of the long term bets which we like to place. Additionally you could look to make top goalscorer bets. 

Great Odds

The reason why we like to place these bets now is that you get the very best odds on your picks. If you take a look at the sportsbooks found at, you will see that even odds for the likes of Manchester City or Liverpool to win the title, are longer than you may have imagined. The reason for this of course is that the season hasn’t even started yet, but there is still good value to be found there. 

Cashing Out 

Another great tip to share with you regarding these bets is that you should place them at a sportsbook which offers in-play betting. The reason for this is so that you can cash out when things are looking a certain way. Here is a prime example, Newcastle last season were 22/1 to be relegated,  come November, having not yet won a game, those odds were shortened to 1/2. Eventually of course they pulled their socks up and finished 11th. Now if you’d had $10 on them to be relegated at the start of the season, you may have ended up with a cash out, by November, of $150-175. This is why you should pick a site with in-play options. 

Slow Burner

There is also something very entertaining about placing these season-long bets, rather than gambling on a single game. When you bet on a game, often that bet can be over and done within less than 10 minutes, depending on how things go. With a long term bet however, you get more of a roller coaster of emotions in terms of your bets, as week-to-week things can change dramatically. 

Why not start looking now and make some picks for how teams will get on during the rest of the season?