Man United, Strength to Weakness

If you check out odds at sportsbooks such as rivernilecasino you’ll see that Manchester United, unsurprisingly, are around 25/1 to win the title this season. This in reality is a little shorter than it should be, but it does go to show just how far Manchester United have fallen. United may be one of the most successful clubs in British history, and one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, but currently this United team is only getting weaker and the job which Eric Ten Hag faces is gargantuan. 

Van Der Beek Blow 

For the first time in many, many years, United are actually struggling to sign players above their rivals. They may be able to offer huge salaries, but the reality is that without the Champions League and with the turmoil at the club, a number of players just don’t want to play at Old Trafford. These feelings were compounded by the rejection from Donny Van Der Beek this summer. Whilst VDB may have been offered a sweet deal to stay at Barcelona, he detailed that he simply didn’t want to come to United, stopping short of saying that they were a mess. This is no doubt the feelings of so many players around the world. 

Ronaldo Situation 

When Cristiano Ronaldo came back to United, it looked more like a sweetener to United fans than anything else. Ultimately CR7 papered over a huge number of cracks at the club, which has now been worn away. When it comes to any top online casino real money can be won by betting on CR7 to stay, as they are predicting that the Portuguese legend will be out before the end of the season. Ronaldo doesn’t want to be there, he knows the club will strive for nothing, yet he is finding it difficult to get out. Ultimately this is more bad press for United, and something which will negatively occupy the club when they should be making positive moves. 

Distance to The Top 

Despite finishing in second place just 2 years ago, the distance between United and the top 3/4 clubs in the league is mega. This is not something which the signing of a few players will solve, this is a problem which could take 3/4 years to fix. Manchester United have to give Ten Hag time, patience and a smart transfer approach to fix. If the club fail to do this, they will be in big trouble indeed. 

Lost Culture 

When you think about United you think about big performances, unity, leadership and young players coming through from the academy. This was the way in the 50s and 60s, and it was certainly the way during the 90s and 00s. This however has been completely lost and if United stand any chance of reclaiming their former glory, this will be the way in which to do it. Sadly there are few in the club who understand this, there are even fewer who are prepared to take responsibility and this is something which must change. 

Manchester United are not getting better, they are getting worse at a time where clubs below them are improving. Ten Hag’s first job will be to stop rot, only then can they move forward.