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Play the Destiny Quiz

Fancy a more simple and less exotic fortune telling device? Then we have just what you need – our destiny quiz! If you’re wondering whether your luck is about to turn or if your Mr or Mrs Right will show up, then answer a few simple questions and we shall reveal your fate. Well, it’s much quicker than trying to get a parrot to pick out a card.

The Future of Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen cars have already been invented and are currently on the market, although they are not available for commercial large scale sales. This is a car that many people think will solve most of the problems that the world is currently facing with the gasoline fuels and air pollution. Hydrogen cars have lots of advantages over the gasoline cars. Hydrogen cars do not pollute the environment because when hydrogen is combusted and burned, the only by products created are water and heat. Hydrogen cars normally have steam coming out of their exhaust pipes instead of smokes and toxic fumes. When…