Should You Buy Your Man Laser Hair Removal as a Gift?

Body hair is such a pain. What a negative note to start on but hey, it is the truth. Our usual routines of waxing and shaving are not only painful but also short lived. For those of us with busy schedules, this is such a bummer. And let us not even start with the annoying in-grown hair! We have all gone through it and complained about it endlessly but now imagine never having to go through that pain ever again but still having a smooth and hairless beautiful body. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It would to your man too!


Even though a large proportion of men find excessive hair annoying, inconvenient and sometimes even disturbing, they are less likely to speak or do something about it. Men have always been conscious about their appearance and are now openly speaking about it. And laser hair removal is not a new trend at all! According to the latest study by a leading group of dermatologists, there has been an increase of 86% of men opting for this technique since 2012. Be it the excessive hair on the back, arms or random tufts of hair on ears, even though he does not say it, it does bother him! So ladies, this is your chance; if you feel like your man has excessive hair and feels uncomfortable about it, then this is science’s gift to us and to our men. We know what is running through some of your minds when we say laser – a movie villain running around with a gun to destroy. But trust us, the only thing this laser eliminates is unwanted hair.

Let us start with the basics. Laser hair removal is a professionally monitored method of hair removal in which laser light is targeted at the root of each hair. The dark pigment in our hair is attributed to Melanin. Melanin guides the laser, ensuring that it is only the root that is affected and not the surrounding tissue so the whole body is not affected but just the area your man would like to be hair free. The hair is heated by the laser until the hair shaft falls off. If that sounds slightly harsh to you, relax. Your man will be in safe hands. The procedure hardly causes any discomfort. The Therapie Clinic, as well as most others, uses good airflow techniques to ensure that the temperature increases do not lead to any discomfort what so ever.

Laser hair removal significantly reduces the growth of hair and the effects are seen immediately. This is not only meant for men who want complete loss of hair in a particular area, it is also helpful for men who want the thinning of hair. However, multiple appointments may be needed depending on the area to be treated and whether you need complete removal or just thinning. After 4-6 weeks, normal hair growth is seen in the treated area but in a much reduced manner. So step by step the hair is gradually thinned and ultimately completely eliminated.

Though the best results are seen in the case of light skin with dark hair, little tweaks in the regime can sort that out too. Treatment is usually monitored and assessed by a qualified dermatologist. Before the procedure the skin around the area is carefully assessed to increase the efficacy and then the skin is blended with surrounding areas with a scattering technique so that it looks completely natural. Aesthetics in all areas are taken care of!

To Summarize


  • Complete and effective removal of hair
  • Effects immediately seen
  • Extremely safe and almost no side effects
  • Monitored by dermatologists and other experts
  • Only desired area is affected
  • Hair thinning can also be done
  • Painless
  • No more going back to the gooey, sticky days of waxing or shaving
  • Your man is going to love you for this!


Phew that is a lot of science for one day! Immediate results, complete hair loss, absolutely safe, dermatological monitoring, hardly any side effects. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It would to your man too! So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect gift if you believe in utility over unnecessary luxuries. Your man, I am sure has pampered you umpteen number of times so here is your chance to show that you care. Gift your guy an appointment at one of the laser hair removal clinics and watch him say good bye to pesky hair removal techniques forever. He will thank you for it, we assure you.