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Are you Environmentally Conscious?

When out and about in a third world country like South Africa or any other similar region, you want to be aware of the environment and always trying to conserve it. While you may be on holiday, there is no reason why you cannot be more conservation conscious. And, we have some simple ways for you to consider.

Travel Tips- How to Stay Healthy

No one wants to get sick while they are travailing, especially when they are traveling out of the country and are far away from home. There is always a risk of falling sick when you are out and about away from home. Here are some things to consider when traveling abroad: Safety Precautions- What to Look Out For The World Health Organization says these are the most common illnesses people get when traveling overseas: Diarrhea- often caused by exposure to bacteria and germs and other pathogens, can be found in water and food, usually occurs during longer stays after prolonged…