4 Reasons Merino Wool Is The Ultimate Travel Hack

If you have done a bit of traveling then you will know only too well just how difficult it can be to know what to pack, and what clothes to wear. In an ideal world we would take every item of clothing that we wanted for all occasions, but that would only mean lugging around a backpack which is far too heavy to even consider. The second option is to pack light, ensuring that you are going to be able to carry your bag around with ease on all of your travels, in doing so however you will only take bare essentials, leaving you needing to wash clothes regularly, use things twice or more, and have the occasional smelly day. The ultimate answer to all of these concerns is Merino Wool and products like Unbound Merino which makes for the perfect piece of clothing to take with you on your travels, and here is why.


The biggest benefit of this clothing type is that through the use of merino wool, you will no longer need to take huge amounts of clothing away with you. The reasons for this are that merino wool doesn’t smell, regardless of how long it has been since you last washed it, equally, this wool doesn’t crease and wrinkle, and it dries in almost no time at all once it has been washed. Coupled with the fact that the  clothing is very stylish, you will only need to take two or three pieces with you, to drastically reduce your luggage.

Save Money

Using these items will also be able to save you a great deal of money when you go traveling. Not only is the clothing highly durable which means that you are going to need to spend far less money on replacements every couple of months, the lighter luggage will also help to save money. Many travelers now travel by plane with just carry-on luggage, which is significantly cheaper than placing a bag in the hold.

Temperature Regulation

Because of the way that this wool has been designed, it actually regulates the body temperature when wearing it, for both hot and cold temperatures. This is perfect for travelers who are looking at criss-crossing between countries and climates, meaning that they won’t have to plan multiple outfits depending on where they are going to be.


The best course of action when traveling is to try and look like a local in your destination, the key to that is to wear simple clothing, rather than garish colors or designs. Merino wool products come in a huge range of very smart and classy designs, which will help you to fit in to your new destination without a hint of suspicion.

If you are a traveler and you want the ultimate in travelers clothing, this is the product that you should be looking out for before you leave.