4 Nail Polish Styles You’ll Want To Make Your Own

I have been trying hard in the last 2 years to use my hands more as part of my overall look, I use Grown Alchemist hand creams to stay soft and supple, use more jewelry than before, and most importantly, have been a bit more courageous with my nails. Our nails really are the perfect palette which we can use to express ourselves, and we have a huge amount of flexibility in terms of how we can decorate our nails, to add some glamour or style to your overall look. Unfortunately however,  there are man ladies who stick to what they know when it comes to their nails, and as such lose out on a huge array of styles and designs which they could be rocking. If you feel like taking a bit of a risk and spicing up how you paint your nails, here are some ideas which you will want to try out.


Wearing glitter on your body, with some very minor exceptions, is what girls do in schools, not so much what stylish ladies do. With this being said however, glitter nail polish has the power to give any outfit you are wearing a glamorous touch, and they never look trashy or novelty, on the contrary in fact. If you are already wearing glitter in your clothing, avoid this nail polish, if you are wearing plain colors however, this varnish can really help you to stand out.


This year has seen all of the colors of the rainbow come back in style, and there is nowhere better for you to use these exciting colors than on your nails. Some like to paint each nail a different color but if you have the time and the patience, I would recommend going full rainbow on each nail. The best thing about this style, is that it looks great on just about every outfit. If you need to dress professional or chic, this is a design that won’t work, any other style however, and the rainbow simply compliments it.

Floral Accents

I am a big believer in painting the big toe in a slightly different way to the rest, and I used to love placing a small diamanté if I was wearing open-tops,for that extra touch. Those glitzy days are over however, and slightly played out, so instead I like to freshen up my toenails with a small flower on the big toe. Flowers are super easy to draw on the nail, and they work perfectly with pastel colors.

Crisscross Corals

If you plan on using peach or orangey-pink colors, a great style idea is to reverse the color scheme. For example paint 4 toes in plain peach, and then the big toe in white, with a peach design. This looks even better when you do the same thing on your hands, but you should try and use your index fingers for the  ‘feature nail,’ in order to get the look just right.

Don’t stick to the same old, same old, freshen up your nails with these sleek designs.