Unconventional Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Today, it’s certain that anyone who spends at least an hour or so on the internet has at some point come across the term ‘bitcoin’. Whether you are one of those who just came across this concept while surfing the net or if you are fully adept in cryptocurrencies, the recent rise of bitcoin in value has made everyone rush to get hold of this ‘special’ digital currency.

A brief bit of research into bitcoin history shows how they are created by a process called mining. Bitcoin mining involves the use of sophisticated software to solve complex mathematical models and, in exchange for a solution, bitcoins are generated. Mining software can be very expensive and so most “non-miners” have to look at alternative methods to get their hands on some bitcoin. With that said,  let’s look at other ways of earning this cryptocurrency.

Get bitcoin via Faucet Sites

A faucet site is a platform that pays every visitor for a mere visit to the site. Faucet sites started using conventional currencies but some are now solely dedicated to cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is fill out the captcha to prove you are human and provide your wallet address to get started. Thereafter, the site credits your account with some BTC. The earnings from faucet sites may be small, but they aid in checking out what the cryptocurrency is all about.

Earning bitcoin with Gaming

One way to get hold of bitcoin is through online casinos. Several casino platforms accept bitcoin as a medium of exchange, as can be seen in the case of Bitcasino. It is evident on the homepage that the site has a heavy focus on allowing users to play and earn in BTC. The beauty of earning at online casinos is there are no limits to the amount of BTC you can earn. Online sources have shown that some lucky punters have won as much as ฿216 in a single session.

Using Investment Intelligence

Bitcoin investors well acquainted in cryptocurrency trading can be rewarded for their market knowledge. Users on trading platforms may earn intelligence tokens that may be converted into bitcoin and all that’s needed of the user is to answer simple cryptocurrency investment questions.

Earn bitcoin from GPT Sites

GPT platforms are an advanced form of faucet sites. Instead of just claiming bitcoin on each visit, GPT sites allow you to complete microtasks for more payouts. These microtasks take less than 5 minutes on average and include basic data entry, completing offers, filling out surveys, spending 30 seconds on selected sites, clicking ad links, and watching promotional YouTube videos.

Produce Content and Get Paid in bitcoin

Content producers (images or video), can sell their stuff on the Internet using bitcoin. Several sites allow for this sort of activity, such as Pastecoin for example. This site pays you for pasting text, website scripts, and code snippets. On the other hand, Streamium is a site aimed at streaming live videos, which pay per view, and all earnings are expressed in BTC. Furthermore, Bitit is a site where you can sell your stock photos for some BTC.

Receive BTC tips on Social Media

Social media pros can use their strong online presence to receive BTC tips from several platforms. In order to receive the tips, you have to garner many clicks on every link that is shared. Some of the top tippers include Changetip, Coinurl, and Re 2et, which pays for re-tweeting sponsored tweets. Both Changetip and Coinurl provide you with a custom link use on virtually any social network medium.

So, there you have it; a number of easy ways to get started on your bitcoin fortune.