Making Your Commute Easier in College

For some people college offers a unique challenge. With crazy work schedules, class schedules, and odd commute routes, sometimes it is hard to find someone to share a ride with. You do not want to be waiting three hours after your class for your carpool partner to get done with their class. Likewise your carpool buddy may not like the idea of leaving for their job two hours earlier so you can get to your first class. It is for this reason that many college students commute alone. When this is the case, there are some helpful and important tips the lone college commuter needs to know.

Scheduling Classes

The best way to make a commute scheduled less insane is to take the time and attention needed to plan out class schedules. Avoid having long gaps between classes so you are not tempted to make the 15-20 minute commute back home just to turn around and go back to class again in an hour or so. Try to group your classes you are driving to and from campus several times. Ideally you should try for a schedule where you drive to class, stay until all of your classes are done, then drive home. Also, it is a good idea to try and limit the days you are on campus. Spending 8 hours 2 days a week is better than spending 2 hours 4 days a week.

Campus Research

Depending on the classes you are taking, you may need to spend some time in the library doing research for papers and other projects. Try to schedule these visits on days where you are already on campus. Plan ahead for when you will need to stop by the library. Running by and spending 15 minutes checking out some books after class is better than driving out to the campus on a day you do not have classes because you forgot you needed some research material for a project.

Group Projects

Similar to the research, if you find yourself a part of a study group or being assigned a group project for one of your classes, try and work that into your normal class schedule. If you have 2 hour break between classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, try to get the group project meetings during that time. Even if you have to get to campus and hour earlier than normal or stay an hour later it is better than driving out to the campus just to work on the group project.

Stash of Extra Clothes

It may not seem like the sort of thing that would help save your commute time, but keeping a change of clothes in the car can be a real life saver. What if you had a presentation for a class that required a certain dress code and at lunch, right before the presentation, you get ketchup on your clothes? Rather than racing back home to find clean clothes and waste the time and gas, you could just run out to your car and grab the clothes and get changed.