Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery are many ... photo by CC user U.S. Navy (public domain) on wikimedia commons

There are a lot of people all over the world who have to wear glasses to be able to see properly. They often are either far sighted or near sighted and need to help their eyes focus at a shorter or longer focal length. This is generally due to the shape of the cornea of the eye. Let’s have a look at the process of laser eye surgery and how it can help.

The first thing that will happen when you decide to get the surgery to correct your vision is that you’re going to be assessed to see if you’ll be able to have the surgery in the first place, as not everyone is eligible. Your eyes will have to meet certain criteria for you to be considered. This really is to make sure that nothing will go wrong with the surgery. Just like some people aren’t able to wear contacts, some people can’t undergo laser eye surgery from a place like

Once you have been accepted as a suitable applicant you will need to have your eyes examined and the precise quantity of correction that needs to be done will be worked out. This is quite a complicated task and you have to be sure that you trust your doctor to know what he or she is doing at this point. The procedure is irreversible, so make sure that this is a route that you definitely would like to go down.

Then comes the actual surgical treatment. You will have to make sure that you have somebody to drive you home afterwards as you will not be allowed to drive until the cuts have healed and you may take the eye patches off. The surface of the eye will be anaesthetized and your eye will be propped open by means of a clamp that can be slightly unpleasant. You have to be awake for the surgery since your eyes will roll back when you’re unconscious.

The recovery time is not very long. You will be able to go home approximately one hour following your surgery. They simply want to make sure that you can see and that nothing has gone wrong. Additionally, you will need to go back to the clinic several times in the following weeks for examinations.

Though many people are opting for laser eye surgery, it is advisable for some to avoid it. Pregnant women, people with diabetes or with binocular vision problem, dry eyes, thin corneas, or very large pupils should avoid this surgery. It is imperative to discuss with your doctor first and only then opt for surgery. Eyesight problems can also be a result of ageing. After a certain age the person has to go through cataract surgery. This again is the process of cleaning your cornea with the help of laser surgery. It gives you better vision and keeps your eyes healthy.

Laser eye surgery can change your eyesight to a very large extent. It is an effective treatment to deal with eye problems. It is a safe process and has no side effects. To undergo this treatment, it is important to consult an experienced professional and then make the decision. As every individual is different from another, this surgery must be performed by following an expert’s advice. Some research is important before opting for the surgery.

As you can see, using a laser for eye surgical treatment is pretty fast and it is pain-free thanks to the local anaesthetic that they use on your eye. It is a bit unpleasant though due to the clamp and the smell of the laser cutting your cornea. The end result is well worth it however. You will not need to wear glasses any longer and you will be capable of seeing a lot better. This is most likely the most effective way to correct a problem with your vision.