Pages vs Screens: Battle of the Reading Formats

The introduction of the kindle and other tablet forms of reading was meant to signal the end of reading and purchasing physical books for the masses, but it has not quite gone the way tech experts expected.

The reading of physical books is still loved by readers across the world, and many are refusing to make the move to the Kindle. There are obvious benefits of buying a tablet to do your reading, but many argue that a Kindle just does not replicate the feeling you get from reading a real book.

As both of these formats of reading are still hugely popular it might help to take a look at both the pros and cons of both physical reading and Kindle reading before deciding to read your next book.

The Kindle:

There are many positives of buying an eReader but one of the most obvious is the convenience and ease with which you will be able to access and read your books.

You won’t need to go to a physical bookstore and trawl through shelves and shelves of novels to find what you’re looking for. You can simply access an online bookstore and find what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be reading in no time and often won’t lose the motivation to read as it will all be right at your fingertips.

Furthermore, a Kindle is portable and extremely light. Some physical books (depending on the copy and the size) can be big and heavy and turn out to be a real mission to lug around.

With a Kindle, you can simply store it in a backpack or pocket and read on the move with ease.

Online bookstores also tend to sell newer releases at much cheaper prices than physical bookstores as you are buying a lot less. No physical labour went into the production of your eBook.

Lastly buying a Kindle contributes to a paperless world, which is beneficial for the Earth’s environment.

Physical Books:

Many of the arguments for physical books are difficult to put into words because they are based on sentimentality and the fact that real books are just “nicer” than reading from a screen.

Avid readers always make the argument that the turning of a real page while reading cannot be replaced by the Kindle.

Furthermore, many readers join book clubs or simply enjoy sharing books and experiences related to that piece of reading.

With real books, lending is easy and always a fun activity. With a Kindle you either have to lend your device to a friend or share your account with another, which is not always practical.

Reading from paper is also far easier for people with eye problems and eye strain. Night time is often when the most prolific of readers get most of their reading done, and looking at a screen after a long day can be a strenuous task. Many people prefer to enjoy ZAR Casino free spins on a device rather than read a book.

Overall, the format of reading you choose is up to you and your own personal preferences. There is no right or wrong answer but simply what you feel works best for you.