How to Save More Money Around the House

There are lots of reasons to want to save money. Maybe you want to save for a big vacation. Maybe your budget is stretched too thin. Perhaps you have kids to put through college or expensive repairs to make on your home. Whatever the reason, yout require radical (and probably expensive!) changes in your lifestyle or location.


Here are some of our favorite methods for scrimping around the house when wes you). For example, people who live in Dallas, Texas can search sites like to make sure they are getting the best deals on their electricity and natural gas, if they arenre getting the best rates possible. You might be surprised how much there is to save for the same rate of coverage and provisions.

Make Your Own

A lot of people have started subscribing to services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh because they claim to make meal prep easier. This is great if you have money to spare for these kinds of services but if youll be using into the fridge the day before to thaw out (or use the microwave if you forget).

Shop Warehouse

When we say we don’t buy in warehousell pay a huge markup. Look for stores and warehouses that will sell you the furniture you need at wholesale prices. You could save hundreds of dollars.

The Little Things

Beyond these changes, there are also little changes that you can make in your daily life that will help you save money around your home. We mentioned earlier that mending clothing is a great way to help it last a long time. Other small gestures like brewing your own coffee even a few times a week can save you upwards of $30-$40 a month. Cutting your cable in favor of a few tried and true streaming services is another. Checking books out of the library instead of just buying them. You get the idea.

If you truly want to reduce what you spend, the best thing to do is this: as you go through your daily life, look at what youll be surprised by how often the answer is yes!