Fashion Trends Sweeping College Campuses

This year, like every year before it, students across the country will be jumping on to a wide variety of fashion trends. If you are heading to college for the first year this year then you are bound to see these trends quickly sweeping throughout the campus and you will either have to jump on board  too, or face flying solo. There will of course be some of the same kind of fashions that have existed for many years, flip flops in all weathers, pajamas in public and frat shirts all over the place. If however, you are looking out for the new fashion items then here is a quick preview as to what you can expect to se eon college campuses this year.



Chelsea Boots

These boots have been getting more and more popular in recent years and this year you can expect  to see an explosion of Chelsea boots throughout the campus. The reason for the popularity when it comes to these boots is that they are super stylish, work with many items and most importantly, they are very comfortable.

Oversized Jumpers

Fashion on campuses often follows what the celebs are doing and after the exploits of Rihanna and Ariana Grande, you can expect to see plenty of oversized jumpers this year. The best combination is to simply wear a pair of leggings with a huge jumper, equalling a great look.

Lumberjack Shirts

Towards the end of last year I saw more and more girls wearing checked lumberjack shirts and this year looks set to continue in the same way. Smart, comfortable and flexible, a great addition to your wardrobe.


Bomber Jackets

The hipster look is on its way out and there are many other fashion items that are taking over where the hipster ended. One such fashion item that the boys are rocking this year are bomber jackets, the tight fitting and trendy jackets that keep you warm and look great with some ripped jeans and big boots.

Ragged Look

Thankfully for many campus boys, the rugged look which they have been unknowingly using has finally come into fashion. Boys should be looking for torn t-shirts, ripped jeans and distressed looking clothing to fall in line with this fashion style.

White Sneakers

Despite the distressed look coming into fashion there is only one way that student boys should be wearing their sneakers and that is with the clean and fresh look. You are going to need to work hard this year on keeping those sneakers nice and white if you want to look great and in style. New sneakers do not stay white for long and you will need to ensure that you are watching where you walk so that you can keep them in the best possible shape.

What are your favorite pieces of campus fashion? Are there any on this list that you don’t agree with or something that we have missed?  Let us know in the comments below.