Back to black and white: contemporary colours for home renovation

Choosing some contemporary colours for home renovation can make a big difference

It can be difficult at times to keep up with current trends, especially when it comes to redecorating your home, but the latest interior design ideas are actually all about keeping it simple, which should make being on-trend quite easy to achieve.

Contemporary style is about to hit every single room in your home. This means, black, white and silver are the colours to use and although you may think these to be quite bland shades to use, the correct hues and combinations can be quite versatile. By choosing contemporary colours for home renovation, you’ll wow your style conscious friends and family. Let’s explore how you can implement this trend in every room of your house…

The Lounge

The key to successful styling with black and white is to avoid the chessboard look in the lounge. This is where splashes of colours such as silver or yellow can really help to make a room look chic rather than clinical. Opt for black or white sofas with plump cushions, and adorn the floors with plush silver rugs for a truly luxurious feel. To avoid making the space look brash, avoid sparkling materials and select muted tones, unless you like the disco look that is and if you do, then feel free to choose sequinned cushion covers and throws.

The Bedroom


One of the most popular looks of the moment is the completely white bedroom. A clean, pure look will give your bedroom a relaxing ambience which is imperative for a good night’s sleep, as well as achieving up-to-the-minute style. Replace your bed frame with a contemporary option from Bedstar, who have a great selection of beds available in white. Stay with crisp whites when it comes to bedding too and enjoy sinking into huge white pillows and pristine bedding when your re-style is finished.

The Kitchen

Art Deco black and white was simply made for kitchens, and a chequered floor teamed with black marble surfaces and black tiled splash-backs will bring your kitchen up to date in the style stakes. If you miss the lack of colour, choose red crockery, dishcloths, oven gloves and glassware for a contemporary take on a retro 1950s design. If you would prefer a less quirky design, black marble floors with black units and cupboards are the epitome of elegance and are suited to larger kitchens.

The Bathroom

Thick black towels, face cloths and bath mats add an instant touch of glamour to any bathroom. Keep fittings simple by selecting white as the main colour and integrate a few black tiles here and there to ensure you are bang on trend.

The key to any domestic revamp is to keep it simple and fuss-free, and if you are uncertain whether or not this particular theme will suit your home and personal style, take it an accessory at a time and decide from there.