What Your Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

 Your dad succeeded ― you are a grown adult ― but that doesn’t excuse you from celebrating him this June. In fact, it means you should feel compelled to make this Father’s Day the best one ever. Aside from spending some quality one-on-one time with your old man, here are a few things that will really show your dad how much you care.

Tech Tools 

Unless your dad is a well-known technophile, it’s best to err on the side of caution when buying old men tech gadgets. Technology can be expensive, and it would be a waste to spend so much on a gift he won’t have an interest in learning how to use.

Still, there are some tech tools that are undeniably cool, even for technophobes. One is the Amazon Echo, an unbelievably smart home speaker that does way more than play music. Though Alexa’s abilities continue to grow, at present she can do pretty much anything your smartphone can ― you only need to ask. Your dad with love the Echo because it doesn’t demand that he change to a futuristic lifestyle; it only makes his present lifestyle easier.

Undoubtedly, your dad has performed more than a couple web searches on 3-D printers, trying to figure them out. Thankfully, 3-D printers are becoming more and more accessible, which means it is time to satisfy your dad’s curiosity with a replicator of his very own. The Peachy Printer costs just $100 for the DIY kit, which your dad can customize to his heart’s content.

Grilling Gadgets 

Man needs fire to feel alive, which is why your dad has always been the family’s grill master. With the following tools, he can gain even more mastery over his gas or charcoal skills.

If your dad is one who can’t stand to leave his sizzling meats for one second, lest they surpass appropriate doneness, he definitely needs Weber’s iGrill 2, a precision temperature sensor that uses Bluetooth to communicate with your dad’s smartphone. With this, he can finally grill the perfect steak.

You shouldn’t believe your dad when he tells you those black streaks are fine to eat. Most messy char marks are the result of a dirty grill, which means your dad is feeding you caked-on grease and scorched pieces of old food. Instead of getting mad, you can get him the Grillbot, which is like a Roomba for grills.

 Drinking and Smoking Stuff


Sometimes the stereotype is true: Dads love nothing more than to relax with a glass of whiskey and a good cigar. Unfortunately, moms and kids rarely let them. This Father’s Day, you can indulge your dad with some accessories for his favorite vices.

E-cigarettes may seem like a young-person’s gadget, but your dad will probably relish the ability to enjoy the rush of smoking without smelling like tobacco. Disposable e-cigs like Flings are easy to use and come in a variety of flavors your dad will love, like Cavendish, Copper Kettle, and Espresso.

Whiskey stones are always a good go-to for the cocktail-loving dad, but if you want points for creativity, you should skip the rocks and go for wood instead. More specifically, you can buy your dad his very own home whiskey aging kit, replete with reusable oak barrel, so he can sip his own small batch whenever he wants.

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with barware. Few men possess a complete bar, replete with the glass and cup for every type of cocktail. The next time you are home, you should sneak a peek at your dad’s barware to see what sets he’s missing. Most likely, he could use a few copper mugs for Moscow mules or handled goblets for Irish coffee.

Fitness Equipment 

He might not have been fit when he was your age, but today your dad has embraced the active lifestyle. You should support his endeavor to live forever with some fitness gear he can use after his daily workouts.

If he hasn’t already jumped on the activity tracker craze, your dad will be thrilled to have a FitBit he can call his own. Getting a matching set for you and your dad might even bring you closer together as you compete to rack up the most steps every week.

If your dad is as active as he claims to be, he is probably feeling it in his old bones. You can make him rest easier with a GRID Foam Roller from TriggerPoint. These rollers massage sore muscles, decreasing recovery time so your dad can feel stronger faster.

No matter what you get your dad for Father’s Day, you should be sure to use your words to tell him how much you care. That message will mean more to him than any gadget or gift ever could.