Play the Destiny Quiz

The future is a mysterious and fickle mistress. Revealing her secrets is often a fruitless endeavour, but that hasn’t prevented the human race from at least trying. To that end, humanity has devised all kinds of quacky practices and methods to reveal destiny – and some of them are pretty ridiculous.

But let’s start with some more familiar divinations, like tarot card reading and astrology, which have featured in many a popular media. One of the most depicted fortune telling practices is the art of crystallomancy a.k.a. the reading of a crystal sphere. This is usually associated with gypsies and in a more stereotypical fashion, old gypsy women.

Perhaps these might be too tame for your tastes. If you hope to best the bgo games then you may want to try something a little more colourful. What about using your parrot as a fortune telling device? Parrot astrology (a practice popular in India and Singapore) involves getting a parrot to pick an astrology card. The phrase “Polly want a fortune?” springs to mind.

Parrots picking out cards is just the tip of the iceberg; there are many other strange forms of divination to explore. For candle lovers, there’s ceromancy which can reveal the future via the meltings of candle wax. Or there’s the method called augury, where the flights of birds can reveal a glimpse into the future. Good luck telling next week’s lottery numbers from a gaggle of hungry seagulls mind you.

Fancy a more simple and less exotic fortune telling device? Then we have just what you need – our destiny quiz! If you’re wondering whether your luck is about to turn or if your Mr or Mrs Right will show up, then answer a few simple questions and we shall reveal your fate. Well, it’s much quicker than trying to get a parrot to pick out a card.