Betting on Politics

Betting on Politics

betting on politics

Sportsbooks, Online Poker or perhaps Spiderman Bingo! Its nice to place a bet once in a while. But last years biggest winners perhaps benefited from a hugely unpredictable year when betting on Politics! Politics can be one of the most difficult things to predict, especially predicting given the political turmoil that is being faced in both the UK and the US. General elections are difficult to predict but two things that were arguably harder to predict are Donald Trump and Brexit, with the President of the United States certainly unpredictable in everything he does.

Betting online at Paddy Power you have the opportunity to bet on a wide range of political events, from the serious to the ridiculous from the next speaker at the House of Commons to the official measurement of Donald Trump’s hand being posted on his official Twitter account.

Betting on UK Politics

General elections in the United Kingdom have proven to be particularly tough to bet on with opinion polls often failing to correctly predict the result. On the other hand, exit polls have proven to be very accurate at predicting the election result, having predicted the outcome of the 2017, 2015, 2010, 2005 and 2001 elections with great accuracy. Both opinion polls and exit polls are hard to use when betting on the election result, as opinion polls’ inaccuracy will not provide a clear answer while exit polls are taken as people leave the polling stations on Election Day and bookmakers are likely to be well ahead of punters in finding out the result from the exit polls.

In UK politics, bets can currently be placed on whether or not there will be a second EU Referendum, the next Prime Minister, when the next election will be and in what year Boris Johnson will leave as Foreign Secretary. The bets on British politics tends to be much more serious and a lot less colourful than the ones in the US.

Betting on US Politics

Bets on events across the Atlantic Ocean in the USA include the next nominee for the Democrats, if Donald Trump is impeached, when it will be, Trump to attend the next Super Bowl and Trump to withdraw the US from the UN. While these are some of the more serious bets that punters can have on Donald Trump, there are also some more ridiculous ones like Trump having his hands surgically altered and for the President to paint the exterior of the White House Gold.

With the British public surprisingly voting for Brexit in the EU Referendum and Donald Trump overcoming the odds and becoming the American President, even some of the crazier bets could actually happen politics is perhaps more unpredictable than ever for the bookmakers. As Leicester City won the 2015/16 Premier League at longer odds, the thought of the some of these bets happening is scary.

Other Markets

In some of the more serious betting markets punters are also able to bet on Australian, French, Irish, European and World politics. If you think you could successfully predict who the next French President will be or who the next country to leave the EU then will be then it is worth a cheeky bet.