Creative Kitchen Design with Colors

Creative Kitchen

A kitchen redesign can help you add value to your home, as well as brightening up the mood and encouraging you to make better use of the space that you have available.

Here are five kitchen design tips based around the theme of color:

  1. Opt for colorful cabinets

When you come to renovate your kitchen, your first thoughts might be centered on how big the fridge is going to be, whether or not you have an electric cooker, or if there is going to be enough space to squeeze in that central island. Not all changes have to be so drastic – or expensive – though.

A two-tone kitchen cabinet color scheme can add a playful feel to what should always be a fun, creative space. Whether you opt for sea and sky to complement your coastal-themed kitchen, or a more rustic lemon and lime is your jam, you’d be surprised how much difference a splash of color can make to your mood – and your food!

  1. Introduce chalkboard walls

All good kitchen design tips should be a mixture of fabulous and functional, and a chalkboard wall (or walls) really does tick both boxes.

Always forgetting that same jar of spices when you come to write your shopping list? Make a note on your chalkboard wall. Sick of losing your page while trying to follow a recipe? Scribble down the ingredients before you start cooking. Chalkboard walls are fun, flexible, and family-friendly, and they offer a talking point for any dinner guests – just make sure that you purchase chalk in plenty of colors!

  1. Install colored window shutters

A flexible and eco-friendly solution for any room of the house is window shutters, but have you ever considered using them to brighten up your kitchen? Shutters are great for the kitchen as, unlike other window covering options, such as curtains, they’re easy to clean. Whether you’re opting for a minimalist space or a room where bursts of color abound, shutters can be purchased in a range of shades.

  1. Make use of wallpaper

Thought wallpaper was consigned to your elderly relatives’ living room? Think again. Wallpaper offers you an opportunity to stamp your personality on a kitchen, whether you’re just covering a side wall or you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution.

If you’re worried about wallpaper showing up grease or food marks, why not go for a minimalist look by wallpapering the back of your open cabinets or the area around the dining table?

  1. Lighten up

Color in the kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved to floors, walls, and surfaces; the right lighting can play a big part in redefining your cooking space. Oversize lighting fixtures offer a quick and inexpensive way of brightening up the kitchen – try choosing a sparkling chandelier, a sculptural pendant, or even a patterned drum shade for a colorful finish.

These are just five colorful tips to help you spruce up your kitchen this year. Do you have any further suggestions?