Best Football Rivalries Around The World

For anyone who loves to watch live soccer, catching a match between two rivals is a truly unforgettable experience. When these games come around, it doesn’t matter which Aussie casino online you like to use, the odds are sure to move around quickly, because these are the games where form really does go out of the window. 

This is not to say that betting on these games makes no sense of course, as there are always upsets which occur. When it comes to casinos online real money can be won if you manage to pick an underdog in these tight games, and here are some of the best to see around the world. 

Old Firm Derby 

The Old Firm derby takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, between Celtic and Rangers. The reason why this rivalry is so fierce is not just because they are both competing to be the best in the city, but also because of the religious rivalry and history which they have, being Protestants on the Rangers side and Catholics on the green Celtic side of the city. 

North London Derby

Given the sheer volume of teams which exist in London, there are many derbies there which take place on a seemingly weekly basis. The North London derby however is certainly the fiercest rivalry here, which see Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur battle it out to be crowned kings of North London. Much of this rivalry is stoked by the fact that Arsenal were once based in Woolwich, South London, but made the move north some decades ago. This move set in motion a rivalry which would rumble on for many years and seasons. 

El Clasico

A football rivalry isn’t always borne out of two teams in the same city, sometimes geography really doesn’t matter, and El Clasico proves just that. Barcelona and Real Madrid have been the most successful teams in Spain for over a century, and they have also been the wealthiest teams in the league for some time. This battle between the two clubs has grown into a very special beast and it is certainly one of the world’s most famous rivalries. Given the success of the teams, we have also been lucky to see them play each other in more than just their domestic competitions, meeting in the Champions League. Whenever these two play each other, football fans the world over stop and watch. 

The Superclasico 

South America is a passionate continent when it comes to football so it comes as no surprise that they should have a match in this list. The Superclasico takes place between Argentinian rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate, who have been batting for 110 to become kings of Buenos Aires. This rivalry runs deeper than geography and there are multiple financial, class and religious issues which separate fans of the club. The atmosphere is electric at these stadiums but in recent years officials have looked to keep away fans out for safety reasons. 

Which of these would you be most excited to go and see?