Beautiful Greek Islands For You To Enjoy This Year

Greece has been a popular tourist destination for hundreds of thousands of Europeans for many years and key to the tourism figures of the country are the beautiful islands which surround the mainland and each year sees a huge amount of people heading off on Greek island holidays. The reason for the high level of tourism is thanks to the glorious summer temperatures, the blue waters of the Adriatic, Ionian and the Aegean seas as well as an infrastructure which is completely dedicated towards holiday makers. If you think that Greece could be the place for you this year then here are some of the best islands to visit during your time there.


Sifnos, Cyclades

Thanks to the somewhat lower levels of tourism in comparison to the other, more popular Greek Islands, Sifnos still manages to retain its tranquility and individualism. The island has the perfect balance of beach and mainland and for those looking for a quiet and relaxing stay on a Greek island, Sifnos is the place to do so. Here you won’t find party boats or beach side activities, what you will find however is natural beauty, quiet and traditional night life and some of the finest luxury villas in Greece.


Corfu is not only one of the most popular locations for tourists but also one of the greenest of the Greek islands. If you are heading away on a family vacation then this is most certainly the best option for you as there is plenty to do across the island for both kids and adults alike. Across the coastline of the island you will find all-inclusive hotels, smart villas, bars, clubs and plenty of activities going on at the beaches. The backdrop to this busting holiday island is rugged mountains and historical fortresses, a sight which very much juxtaposes with what you can see closer to the ocean.


Another of the Cyclades islands that you should consider for somewhere to visit this year is Santorini one of the more luxurious of the Greek islands. Whenever you see those famous photos of Greece on postcards or magazines, it is usually Santorini which you are looking at, whitewashed buildings, crystal waters and perfect beaches, just what you will find on the stunning island of Santorini.


Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and has been visited by tourists from as far back as the lat 50s. Throughout those years, Rhodes has become one of the most popular of all of the Greek islands and the result of which is a perfect tourist destination for anyone looking to enjoy the best of Greece. In the center of the island is the magnificent old town which makes for a perfect dining experience in amongst the medieval architecture, the nightlife here is pretty relaxed and the island is aimed more towards families and adults. If you want somewhere hot that has pretty beaches and a relaxed lifestyle then Rhodes is definitely the choice for you.