Make Your Shower the Healthiest Room in the House

Steam Shower 2

With today’s breakneck schedules which get divided between work and family commitments, people get less and less time to relax. So most need to catch those moments when that can and use them to their full advantage to unwind and recharge.

Many industries have been working to find ways for you to take moments that you normally use for one thing and transform them into opportunities for you to get some relaxation. A great example is that now many cars come with massaging seats that turn your drive to the office into a chance for you to work on that pain in your lower back.

Similarly, the shower has become a place where much more than what typically goes on (a quick clean and scrub), can be accomplished. Companies now manufacturer the most amazing products that turn a regular shower into a visit to a high-end spa. Here is an overview of the benefits you can get in the shower today.

The Amazing Steam Shower

We have all used a steam shower at the local gym or on holiday somewhere and loved how it made us feel. Steam showers use a steam generator in an enclosed shower to create hot and relaxing steam while you relax on a stool or bench. You can pick the amount of steam, and the length of time for the shower and when you are done the normal procedure is to cool off with a refreshing cool shower.

The idea of the steam shower goes back to Roman times where citizens would go to public steam showers to relax and socialize. They have been a part of civilized culture ever since and have continued to grow in popularity. The reason why is simple; they provide health benefits to those who enter.

Improves circulation: The damp heat from a steam shower causes the blood vessels to widen so you get more oxygen and blood to your internal organs. More blood means better health and more energy.

Helps with congestion: If you have a cold or flu or suffer with congested airway, a steam shower can aid in helping you to breathe better. The hot steam will dissolve mucus and settle the lungs, allowing them to work less in getting you air. A steam shower before bed can clear your lungs allowing you to get a restful sleep.

Loosening the muscles: For those who engage in exercise, steam showers are your best friend. The steam loosens up tight muscles and will alleviate some of the soreness you typically get from exercise.

Next Generation Hydro Shower

Hydro showers are the next generation in the shower as a spa revolution. These amazing inventions have a series of jets that deliver water to different parts of your body at different pressure levels and different temperatures. The result is you get the best shower you have ever had. A quick list of benefits demonstrate what you are missing:

Reduce cellulite: The pressure that is exerted on to your body in a hydro shower, can break down cellulite and fat cells.

Promote new skin cell growth: Imagine having a full body skin treatment in your shower. Hydro showers break down and remove dead skin and stimulate new cell growth. The result is glowing and radiant skin all over your body.

Reduce Stress: You know how stress-free you feel after you have had a good massage? Hydro showers give you that same stress-free feeling because you actually get a massage. The jets can be aimed at pressure points and anywhere there is tension and then the water pressure dialed to the exact amount you need to work on that stressed area.

Weight Loss: The warm to hot waters from a hydro shower when delivered with is pressure jets will cause your body temperature and metabolic rate to increase. This results in more calories and excess fat burned. Hydro shower can also stimulate muscles making them use more calories, aiding even more in weight loss.

Top end showers today combine both steam and hydro functions in the same shower. From reducing stress to helping with weight loss, to lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, there is no other room in your home that can compare to the shower for its health benefits.