One Creative Way to Make Money from Home

Who doesn't want to Make Money from Home?
Photo by CC user 49503154413@N01 on Flickr

Do you like talking to people? Do you have a very active imagination? Do you want to make money from home? If you answer yes to all these questions, then you can earn money by doing phone sex chat. Some people might balk at the idea of talking about sexual topics with a complete stranger on the phone, but for those who are liberal and open-minded enough, doing phone sex chat from home could provide that sweet combination of setting your own hours and not having to commute for work.

Get Set, Ready, Go Talk!

One obvious requirement of starting a phone sex chat job is a phone connection. Another requirement is an alluring profile picture. Let’s just be honest here, nobody is attracted to ugly people. While you do not have to look like a supermodel, it is advantageous to exploit and highlight your best angle and assets. Your profile picture would also do wonders to set your caller’s imagination into overdrive, so that the experience would be more memorable. Next is the quality of your voice. Different customers have different tastes; some might prefer a deep voice, or a fast talking speed, or a particular accent. You would learn to adjust the way you talk according to each individual customer, but since voice is such a unique feature, you should not take it seriously if a customer does not find your voice appealing enough. Now, perhaps the most difficult part of this job is to satisfy the calling customer. There is a very simple way to know this: just find out what the caller wants and make sure you deliver.

Treat This Job Like You Would Any Other Job

In other words, take this job seriously. This means you should first dedicate a specific area in your house only for doing this job. While it might be tempting to just take calls anywhere in the house since the caller would not be seeing you, this too-relaxed attitude would not guarantee good quality work. Moreover, what you would end up doing is creating a home atmosphere that is cluttered, since every room could possibly be a work room. Try to contain your work in one particular area so that your work would not spill to other aspects of your life. Additionally, specifying one specific spot in the house for work would make it easier for you to find everything else work-related, rather than if they are all scattered around the house. It is also worth noting that you should try to maintain a silent background while chatting with clients, so make sure there will be no crying children, dogs barking or TV blaring on the background while you are working.

How to Fire Up Your Imagination

Even the most prolific artists cannot stay highly creative all the time. Similarly, a phone sex chat operator could be at a loss of words. To try to minimize this problem, you could unwind by not thinking about anything sexual while you are not working. Watch some action or science fiction movies, do the housework, pick up some groceries, read some non-fiction, take walks, anything that can switch your mind to a different focus. You will find that your find will feel refreshed and ready to get back to work after a break. Last but not least, try to listen to each client’s preferences. Your customers would readily offer their own exciting fantasies, which you can corporate into your work routine.