How to Plan a Forest Themed Wedding

Woodland and forest themed weddings are some of the most popular types of weddings there are. They’re deeply connected to spring as a setting, as it represents freshness and a new lease on life. Planning your wedding around a woodland or forest themed setting is not as straightforward as it may sound. There are several tiny details that could easily slip out of your mind that should probably be ironed out first.

Invites & Save the Dates

Even when you’re announcing to your guests about the wedding itself there should be at least a hint about the setting. It doesn’t have to be direct, because a subtle hint is often more than enough. One of the best ways to go about it is to use these lovely forest save the dates from Basic Invite. They’re fully customizable and they’re absolutely gorgeous. There are a lot of templates and colors to choose from, and there are extra services about sealing and sending them. The same goes for formal invites, which you might want to follow up with in some cases.


You don’t have to be fully immersed in an actual forest to make it feel like you’re surrounded by nature. When you’re picking out décor you can easily find a lot of woodland-inspired things. They can be as simple as tiny leaves that can be scattered around the candles, to an entire arrangement around the cake with trees and woodland animals. A general rule of thumb is to not go overboard with decorations, as you only want to accentuate, and not just randomly place forest-themed objects around.

Venue & Location

It goes without saying that you want to choose the best venue for you. If you want for the wedding to have a more natural and flowery feel then consider picking one that’s a lot closer to nature. You can’t really beat authentic environments, as you’ll want your wedding to feel as close to the real thing as possible. It can even be an effective arrangement to have the entire event outside, and that can be a great choice in some cases.

Color Scheme

Creating your own color scheme is one of the finest, and most subtle, ways to create a perfect mood. Using colors like verdant green can really bring out the forest-y feel of your theme, but other colors like sky blue and navy might have the same effect. The goal is to introduce extra freshness, so that everything can fully click into place for your forest themed wedding.


There are always little things you can do to make your wedding feel even fresher. For example, you can create your own wedding custom coasters to add an extra level of authenticity. A good idea is to create your own website with directions and information, and good news is you can do that for free with Basic Invite. You might even want to consider a forest-themed stand for taking pictures for you and the guests.

A wedding centered around spring and freshness is a great way to make your wedding be extra memorable. Just make sure to plan out everything in advance, so that the entire theme feels cohesive and authentic.