Guess The Superhero!

Think you’re a real comic book fan? Now’s your time to prove it! As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gears up for its 21st film, and the world mourns the passing of literary legend Stan Lee, it’s proof that comic books are no longer considered uncool by the masses. At the time of writing, the MCU has grossed an eye watering $17.5 billion dollars, making it the highest grossing film franchise of all time! We’ve put together this quiz to test your knowledge when it comes to Superheroes! Across 8 questions, we’ve given you a handful of clues regarding various heroes from heavyweight household names, to seriously obscure unknowns. All you have to do is figure out exactly who we’re talking about.

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Hit us up with a comment to let us know what your score was! Think we should’ve gone more obscure? Perhaps it was too difficult for you? Let us know! And remember to share it with your pals to see which of you the biggest comic book fan is!