All about the Deadly Disease Ebola

The recent news of outbreak of the deadly disease Ebola has captured the imagination of all. The Ebola virus disease, which is also known as the Ebola fever, has resulted in a lot of deaths, causing panic all over the world. Its impact has been such that Margaret Chan, the Director General of World Health Organization, has declared  outbreak situation as a health emergency of international concern. The Ebola virus disease’s fatality rate is on an average around 50%. The 2014 Ebola outbreak is the largest Ebola outbreak that the world has ever witnessed resulting in 6,460 deaths out of the total 17,290 reported cases. The outbreak has impacted the countries of West Africa most severely. Countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have been worst affected. Like any other disease, it is very important to know how it affects the body. One should always take the necessary precautions to avoid the disease. So, it is necessary for everyone to know the Ebola precautions along with the Ebola symptoms and Ebola Cures, so they know exactly what to do to save them from a deadly disease like Ebola. History of Ebola The first human outbreak of the disease was witnessed back in 1976. It simultaneously occurred in Nazra, Sudan and Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. The name of the disease is derived from the Ebola River in northern Democratic Republic of Congo, as a village near the river was worst affected by the disease in that particular outbreak. Ever since, there has been odd cases being reported throughout the last three decades,  but none of them have been as severe as the latest outbreak. In fact the 2014 Ebola outbreak has caused more deaths than all of the previous outbreaks combined. It has been confirmed that the virus was first transmitted from an animal. However, the natural reservoir of the disease is yet to be confirmed. According to the scientists, Bats are one of the primary candidates to be the natural reservoir of the virus. Among others plants, arthropods or birds could also be the natural reservoir. It is believed that the Ebola virus contains single stranded non infectious RNA genomes which have seven genes.   What is Ebola? It is a life threatening illness in humans in which the virus is transmitted from wild animals to humans. It can spread from person to person through direct contact with the

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Mi40x review – Does it really work?

After using the program for few days now, i am here to provide my personal review of this product called mi40x which has been used by thousands of people around the globe for purpose of improving physique and building lean muscles. Spending long hours in the gym is certainly the best way to gain a muscular body, but most people want to do it as soon as possible. In their attempt to become muscular within the least possible time, people resort to lifting heavy weights on a regular basis, which is not always the best way to work out. In this regard Mi40x can act as a guide to the perfect workout regime for gaining a muscular body. This product also helps to get the workout techniques perfected in order to ensure that the desired effect is able to reach the desired portion of the body.

mi40x results 2

People working out in the gym often make muscle-development their prime target, without putting any emphasis to the process of strength-development. This is due to the common belief among most people that more muscles mean more strength. Well, this is not true, and there is a serious need to ensure that adequate emphasis is provided to the task of gaining strength as well. This is where the Mi40x can be of immense help. It helps to reduce body fat and increase muscles by the maximum, and also help to increase the strength of the body. In short, this product offers gym-goers with the proper knowledge to utilize their energy in the right areas to achieve their desired body.

What Is This Product And How Does It Work?

Created by Ben Pakulski, this muscle building and fitness program complimented the success of its predecessor, Mi40, through the implementation of some revolutionary techniques of muscle building. Mi40x imparts bodybuilders with adequate knowledge on how to derive the maximum possible advantages from each weightlifting technique, so that they can develop their muscles at a quick pace, and grow their desired muscular body in no time at all! This is a program that needs to be followed for 6 days every week, and consists of about different sets of 3-8 exercising techniques for each day

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Fenapex Review – How does it work?


The Fenapex advanced appetite suppressor is a great tool to use to start losing weight.   Once you start using Fenapex it quickly and efficiently start fighting obesity.  I started using Fenapex 3 months and 60 pounds ago.  This amazing tool helped me curb my cravings for junk food and allowed me to shed a ton of pounds.

Before I started Fenapex nothing I did worked.  I would try to stick to diets but I would literally be too hungry to do anything.    There’s very little point of being on a diet if you barley have the energy to move.  This lack of energy was causing me to feel lethargic and it was very easy for me to get depressed.

Attempting to stick to these horrible diets ruined my motivation for losing weight and was hurting my body.  My lack of energy was throwing off my sleep schedule and causing me to lead a sedentary lifestyle.  At this point in my life losing weight seemed impossible.  However all that changed was I started taking fenapex.

The best part about fenapex for me is that it barley requires any effort.  You just have to make sure you’re taking the required 350mg dose as recommended.  The pounds started to melt off with hardly any work.   You also gain a natural energy boost just from taking the pills.  I was getting more done in a day without crashing once I started them.   My body was producing more energy naturally for me and I was able to feel good about myself.

Fenapex helps your body by regulating your metabolism which helps reduce stress and increase energy levels.  Fenapex also stimulates thermo genesis in your body which helps to breakdown fat cells.  With all these reactions going on in your body losing weight becomes effortless.

Fenapex is very similar to phentermine, which has been approved by the FDA since 1959.  Phentermine now accounts for over half of the US prescriptions for appetite suppressants.

This goes to show how effective it is.   The biggest thing it did for me was help curve my cravings.  I have extremely weak will power when it comes to food which is why diets didn’t work for me in the past. I would always cave in and eat a hamburger or some ice cream and ruin my diet.   But once I started this appetite suppressant I didn’t even have these

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Things People Do Wrong When Trying to Lose Weight

You know you are overweight, You know you should lose some pounds, You have tried everything that you could possibly do to get lean, yet nothing seems to work. Instead of losing you are gaining even more. So what is it that you are doing wrong? Here is a checklist of the things that people do wrong in their endeavour to lose weight. If you are trying to get fit and if you are doing any of the following things then that is where you are going wrong. Correct it and start losing weight the right way! why people dont lose weight
  • We are always looking for some sort of inspiration when we begin our fitness goals. However, there is a difference between getting inspired by someone and starting to copy all the things from other people. Different people have different kind of systems. A set of things that might have worked for your friend may not necessarily work for you. It is always better to consult a doctor before following a diet that might have worked for someone else. A diet should be based on a person’s medical background, diet history and emotional support. It is best left to the experts who understand your body.
  • Motivation is a very important thing to reach your fitness goals, each and everyone of us tries to get motivation from someone especially a movie star, for example millions of people are inspired my movie character Rocky, isn't it good to see a underdog getting fit and beating the best in the business?. It is common to see people who are at the beginning of their weight loss program are full of enthusiasm. However, it is important not to go overboard and set unrealistic goals. Different people have different metabolic rate. You should never get demotivated when you see a person following the same regimen as you losing weight and you not losing any.
  • We often see people who have severe weight issues shy away from people. They often feel insecure. They are ashamed of even asking help. You should always understand that it is a temporary issue if you work on it. You should look to seek help from every corner. If you accept the issue and work diligently to fix it then, you are bound to come up triumphs.

Wrong Methods to Reduce Weight Which can Cause Serious Health

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Weight loss Tips from Professionals

At you will find all kind of info related to weight loss, exercises, workout routines posted by professionals and regular losers(i mean weight losers :p). Here is a recent article from one of our loser, i hope you find it interesting-

Losing weight is tough.  It’s something I’ve struggled with firsthand since I was a teenager.   Over the years I tried every product under sun to lose weight.  I tried everything from diets to supplements.  From juicing regimens to Psychotherapy.  Nothing worked for me.   It was a frustrating learning process that has finally started to pay off.

weight loss story

It wasn’t until recently that I actually started to drop some weight. Thanks to a co worker of mine I started to lose chunks of weight naturally.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I was looking for shortcuts to my problem.  I needed a long term, natural solution that I could rely on for years.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that losing weight isn’t an overnight thing.

Here’s where I’m coming from:  Flashback 3 years ago. I used to crush as many cheetos as I could in-between rounds of call of duty.  For excersie I would walk to the fridge and chug some mountain dew.  I rarely ate meals on a regular basis.  Instead I just ate massive amounts of horrible food whenever I felt hungry.  I was putting food in to my body that had no nutritional value.  This is how I got to be as huge as I was.  Without noticing it I was living a sedentarily life style.  One that was sending me to an early grave.

My friend recommended the 21 day fix program to me.  This got me started off on the right foot.  It was crazy how exhausted I was after the workouts but it was worth it.  Instead of sitting around all day I was strengthening my body, giving it the power it needs to get to a healthy weight.  Losing weight isn’t easy on your body.  I had to learn the hard way that you have to do your best to help the process.

I never had a problem with how I looked

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